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    • Billede af Walt R.
      Walt R.
      Washington, DC, USA
      19. nov. 2023

      To the point:
      Nice ambiance, friendly service,

      Stopped in for a quick afternoon appetizer and beverage with friends. Service staff was friendly and we were seated quickly.

      The lobster bisque soup was excellent. Friends had the French onion and Mediterranean salad and they both looked great.

      Easy place to visit and talk without loud background noise.

      Previous visits, the ribeye was also excellent at a good price point.

      Carlsberg on draft..!
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    • Billede af Ashley S.
      Ashley S.
      Indian Harbour Beach, USA
      7. mar. 2022

      Great experience all around. We met with some friends who are vegetarian/vegan and chose this place upon a recommendation and it did not disappoint! I'm a "when in Rome" kind of person so I got the vegetarian buffet as well and it was a great choice. I was in heaven with the flavors and aromas, the different kinds of hummus- from carrot to beetroot to classic.. it was like a vibrant symphonic palate experience all around. The salads and fresh vegetables and herbs/spices were married so well and prepared with love. The warm and friendly service and creative and busy decor made it a night to remember. We will be sure to come back next time we are in Copenhagen!

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    • Billede af Elsa P.
      Elsa P.
      River Forest, USA
      18. jul. 2022

      Do not come here. Do not eat the buffet here. It is disgusting. The food is so gross and makes my stomach hurt after eating. Would not recommend to anyone, so gross!!!!!

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    • Billede af Sam A.
      Sam A.
      Spokane, USA
      6. jul. 2018

      We enjoyed the vegetarian Moroccan buffet, ratatouille was flavorful!
      Lots of fresh salads

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    • Billede af Melanie M.
      Melanie M.
      Houston, USA
      25. jun. 2014

      This was the best steak I have ever had! It was so soft and tender. I'm not sure if that's customary overseas but it was so good!

      There are no side dishes here you must purchase the buffet if you want sides with your meal. The buffet isn't so great. It had some basic items like potatoes, corn and salad. Nothing to be too excited about. However the steak is all you really need anyway.

      I would recommend the steak it's delicious! As for the buffet it's just okay.

      My tenderloin
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    • Billede af Kelly J.
      Kelly J.
      Fallbrook, USA
      7. sep. 2015

      I love Riz Raz! I've only had their buffet, but I think it's great! It's a vegetarian buffet (I'm not vegetarian, but there are many great options!).

      I've been here many times with friends, and I think it's the perfect place to go when you're not really sure what you want to eat. They have a huge table & wall filled with different options, which are all super tasty. I especially love their lasagna & falafel.

      I would have given them 4 stars, except I've had bad customer service here every single time I've been here. It always happens when it's time to pay. I can never get a cashier to come to my table that I have to get up and find one, yet they still don't come to my table until quite sometime. So it just seems to take forever to pay, or at least whenever I go.

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    • Billede af Philip H.
      Philip H.
      Caldwell, USA
      14. maj 2019

      Great food at an affordable price. I went with the Green Buffet which features a huge selection of delicious vegetarian dishes for about 99 Kroner. Choose from dishes such as vegetarian lasagna, several types of humus, all kinds of bean salads, falafel, and much more. If vegetarian food is not your thing I think they also offer a meat based buffet for about 150 Kroner. One of Copenhagens best values for sure. I will be back

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    • Billede af Tim G.
      Tim G.
      San Francisco, USA
      27. apr. 2014

      Riz Raz was advertised in the Copenhagen map that was given to us at the hotel. We'd figured, why not give them a try. Their ratings were pretty decent and we decided to check it out.

      For about 100 DKK, you'll be getting the following (translated to English for you from their website)

      Spinach lasagna with spicy tomato sauce and low-fat bechamel
      Falaffel, say no more! our tzatziki and hummus
      Beetroot tossed with horseradish and apple vinegrette
      Nudelsalat with Asian inspiration
      Freshly boiled penne pasta tossed with herb pesto
      Potato pizza with rosemary and parmesan like on the terrace in Tuscany
      Tebouhleh with lots of parsley, tomato and olive oil
      Green peas tossed with mint
      Small potatoes tossed with rosemary oil and red onion
      Okra Cajun Style

      Also for all you Americans out there, water is not free. This is normal in Europe because water is very expensive. Dish out another 20DKK for a pitcher.

      The food was alright and the cost of the buffet was average compared to other locations in the area. We were able to skip dinner so this was a good place to fill up if you want to save some money.

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    • Billede af Rasmus N.
      Rasmus N.
      11. jun. 2016

      I had the vegetarian buffet, which was very good and reasonably priced. The lasagne was 90% lasagne plates and not very impressive.

      Location is great in central Copenhagen.

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    • Billede af Jane D.
      Jane D.
      San Francisco, USA
      24. maj 2019

      Restaurant was clean and lots of variety of dishes, but a very meh experience.

      Many of the dishes lacked flavor. The restaurant staff, while pleasant, seem to have a hard time managing things.

      And they don't stop people from using their dirty dishes for seconds (instead of instructing them to use clean ones). Not hygenic when the serving utensils touch their dirty plates. Yuck!

      Watch out for large groups of loud tourists!

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